Ready to Learn/Student Success Skills Curriculum

This year our Kindergarten and First Grade students will be taught the Ready to Learn Curriculum. Ready To Learn is an early childhood classroom program that is based upon an extensive review of research on skills associated with school success. RTL is designed to promote the learning skills and social skills needed for school success. The main skill areas in the RTL program are attending, listening, social skills, and cognitive skills such as understanding story structure and asking effective questions. These skill areas are considered the foundations upon which reading proficiency and school success are based. Five teacher strategies are used to help students develop competence in the skill areas listed above:

  • Modeling, coaching, and cueing
  • Student story retelling
  • Student story telling
  • Positive peer reporting
  • Encouragement council

Our secondary grade students will be taught Student Success Skills. Student Success Skills is a K-12 evidence-based model that helps students develop key cognitive, social and self-management skills.

Five 45 minute classroom lessons introduce students to the SSS strategies they can use all year to better master the regular curriculum and develop healthy habits, caring relationships and encouraging classroom communities. Award winning research makes this highly engaging program essential. A booster lesson that can be repeated is included.