Peacekeeper Program

Peacekeepers are a group of students who know different things they can say and do when they see students mistreating each other. There are two Peacekeepers in each 4th and 5th grade classroom. They talk with their classmates to stop them from being mean or to make them feel better when someone has hurt them. Peacekeepers have been trained to notice different types of mistreatment and to talk to students who feel alone to help them fit in and make friends. They can also speak up and tell friends and classmates it's not OK to excude, tease or bully. 

Our Peacekeepers work together in small groups with 1 adult, usually once every other week and talk about what they did to help others during the past two weeks, and learn more about what they can do to help. They share with the adult what they are seeing and doing, practice their skills in role plays, and turn in their Action Logs to keep track of what they've done. There are also times when all the Peacekeepers come together to celebrate, be appreciated, and have FUN!